Americans Respond To J-Lo’s Attempt To Overthrow Donald Trump

5 months ago T D Comments Off on Americans Respond To J-Lo’s Attempt To Overthrow Donald Trump

The Grammy Awards show was no different than any other liberal Hollywood ceremony, with the left-wing media together with the some celebrities didn’t want to miss the chance to attack President Trump.


The Hollywood stars are determined to make every single show a parade of liberal nonsense ever since Donald Trump won the presidential elections, getting totally political when they shouldn’t. They see themselves as some sort of preachers, giving lessons to the audience, ‘teaching’ conservatives about right and wrong and how to be free spirited and open-minded, while at the same time, those celebrities are swimming in money, buying expensive houses and cars, keeping everything for themselves.

There is a YouTube video that started circling around the internet in which you could see Jennifer Lopez being one of those celebrities that push the fake liberal narrative. But fortunately, there are still those who are well-aware of everything and not afraid to share the real facts straight up.




Jennifer Lopez spoke about the urge of speaking up, being heard, empowering the ones who have intentions on contributing to the world and making a change. However, as many pointed out, what she said was clear madness, since she was only talking about the ‘celebrities’ voices.’

By looking at her history, there is nothing that could make one think that she is relevant ‘activist’ or supporter of the rights, or whatsoever, as Lopez has not done anything meaningful or notable so far. We all know that talking is cheap but apparently in Hollywood that’s all they are capable of.

Jennifer Lopez was not the only one attacking our President. Among the others who tried to do so were James Corden, the show’s host, and Paris Jackson, reports Clear Politics.


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