DISGUSTING: Seattle Democrat Demands Streets Remain Covered In Feces, Deemed Cleanliness “Racist”

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Seattle has a serious problem with bodily waste outside a King County courthouse. Due to its close proximity to a homeless shelter and other service organizations, the sidewalk outside the courthouse is being used a public toilet. The smell has gotten so bad that Judges Laura Inveen and Jim Rogers and the sheriff are desperate to find a solution.

In addition to the obvious issues, the crime rate has skyrocketed. Assaults, harassment, and drugs are massive problems. Two jurors were even assaulted in the past couple of months. King County Sheriff John Urquhart states, “When they come to this courthouse they’re afraid to come in. They’re afraid to walk down Third Avenue because what they see.”

However, one councilman is rejecting the idea to power wash the feces and urine from the sidewalk. Larry Gossett’s objection is baffling. He believes that it will remind people too much of civil rights activists being hosed down. That’s correct, the man wants to compare the civil rights movement to washing feces off the sidewalk.



Larry Gossett really wants to make this comparison.
The sheriff is slightly more practical. He wants to station deputies outside the courthouse. He estimates that for about $8,000, he can provide two deputies for four to five hours a day, several days a week. His comment is reminiscent of another American we know;

“When you’re up to your keister in alligators, it’s not the time to drain the swamp.”

It is quite liberal to create a problem out of a solution. Residents likely want the smell removed, they don’t really care how. For Gossett to place such a deep meaning on something as simple as a cleaning method is demonstrative of the left’s victim mindset.

There are debates over whether the are is truly dangerous or not. But either way, the problem of cleanliness remains and needs to be addressed immediately.

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