SHARIA LAW Living And Breathing In Schools Right HERE On AMERICAN SOIL!

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The issue with Muslims and their efforts to incorporate Sharia Law into our schools is getting worse, and what just been found out is a sure sign that it must be stopped NOW, before it’s too late.


San Diego has apparently become Ground Zero for the indoctrination of Islamic education in America. After years of yielding to Islamic demands and giving them all the privileges they can get, it appears that San Diego schools are leading the way into a world we don’t want to live in.

It has been revealed that the school has implemented an Islamocentric curriculum that has been given input from resources such as Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations. It includes raising First Amendment issues, as well as delving into serious concerns of favoritism towards Muslim students over students of other faiths.



San Diego Unified School District has a history of submitting to the needs and demands of Muslim students beginning back in 2007. Back then, one of their elementary schools raised controversy when 100 Somali Muslim students had transferred in from a closed charter school. In order to accommodate these new students, the elementary school rescheduled its’ recess periods to allow a 15-minute break each afternoon for Muslim prayers, reports Joe For America. Arabic was also added to their curriculum and pork was removed from their cafeteria food.


In collaboration with the Council on American Islam Relations (CAIR), the school instituted an anti-bullying campaign, specifically with the purpose of protecting Muslim students. In the launch of this initiative, SDUSD cited that there was an unsubstantiated study by CAIR claiming that 55% of American Muslim students claimed they were bullied due to their religion. Due to this, the new program will be adding lessons on Islam to the social studies curriculum and emphasizing prominent Muslims in history.

The program also includes adding Muslim holidays to the school calendar, as well as providing resources for Muslim students during Ramadan.

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