BREAKING: Sean Hannity Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement…

9 months ago T D Comments Off on BREAKING: Sean Hannity Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement…


Sean Hannity is an incredible man and a great professional – the best one when it comes to the media.


When he joined this business, Hannity had to work very hard in order to become the man he is now. That is one of the reasons why people have this much of respect for him. On that journey, there was one person that helped him a lot, to whom Hannity is extremely grateful and has great respect for. That person is Roger Ailes, the ex CEO of Fox News who passed away at age of 77, reports DonaldTrumpNews.

Few hours ago Sean Hannity wrote on his Twitter account and opened up about how he feels and how he is handling his good old friend’s death.



Let’s just hope the mainstream media will treat this news with the respect Roger Ailes deserves. May he rest in peace.

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