Books on Poker That Will Help You Play Better

Before the poker boom globally and before online poker appear in our lives, the only tools a player had to improve his game was a strategy book.

In his new article, James Guill notes the nine top books that every player should have in his collection. Their content ranges from strategic issues in Texas Hold’em up to the most important psychological aspects of the game itself.

1. Harrington on Hold’em

After two consecutive final tables in which he participated in 2003 and 2004, Dan Harrington published a series of books for tournaments and cash games. Especially books about tournament was incredibly popular and many players still consult them on a regular basis.

These books are excellent to make you think deeper game tournaments. If either beginners, Harrington books will raise your game and make you more competitive.

2. Sit & Go Strategy

A decent reading from Collin Moshman. This book will give you the tools you need to win at Sit & Go, covering from the smallest to the largest stakes.

3. The Theory of Poker

This is one of the few books before the big boom of poker, which is still addressed to modern players. The David Sklansky covers many of the basic concepts of the game and has written an excellent book on the theory.

Book definitely belongs to the Top 5 of all.

4. Moorman’s Book of Poker

When leading in online revenues in the history of the tournament decided to write the book, people will read it. The Chris Moorman is the most winning player in online tournaments with $ 13 million profit.

If you never enter the mind of Chris Moorman without having to pay thousands of dollars, this is your chance. If you are playing online or live tournament, this is one of the main books that you must have in your possession.

5. Super System

It is considered the paper of Texas Hold’em although adopted in the 70s. The Doyle Brunson picked the best players of the time to write a book that would cover several versions of the game. The book was updated and published again in 2005 with new writers along with Brunson.

Many of its contents may be outdated, but there is still much you can get by reading the book. It is also particularly useful if you want to learn to play other variants than Texas Hold’em.

6. Power Hold’em Strategy

The Daniel Negreanu is the no.1 in winnings at poker. It was logical eventually to write a strategy book. This book covers everything from tournaments to cash games.

7. The Mental Game of Poker

All those who play poker understand that it is a mind game and psychology. The Jared Tendler and Barry Carter wrote a fantastic book covering various concepts of the psychological side of the game.

The concepts they will not only improve your game, and your performance in life itself. This book is recommended for beginners and for those who want to learn new ideas to improve their game.

8. Ace on the River

This is not a typical strategy book but rather a book that covers the general way of life of a poker player. The Barry Greenstein covers everything about poker and life in poker and gives advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of this lifestyle.

9. 200 Poker Tells

A not-so-known book for tells is that of the former agent of FBI Joe Navarro. Unlike Mike Caro, the Navarro has a more modern approach to reading tells, using techniques used in the FBI. If you want to improve your skills in “reading” your opponents, worth reading.